Shakhtar forms a football team for amputee soldiers

6 February 2024

Shakhtar forms a football team for amputee soldiers

FC Shakhtar announces the creation of a football team for people with disabilities. The team will consist of the soldiers who were injured during the hostilities and, as a result, had their limbs amputated. The club offers a rehabilitation programme for the wounded through sport.

It is planned that at the first stage, the team will have 20 players and a coach who will conduct regular training sessions in Kyiv and Shchaslyve (Kyiv Oblast). Recruitment of footballers and training of coaches will begin at the earliest possible date. In the future, the team are expected to participate in competitions, including European ones.

“Ukrainian soldiers, who sacrificed their health defending the country from the enemy, need the support of society more than anyone today. According to various estimates, about 50,000 servicemen in Ukraine currently have amputations due to injuries. Shakhtar is the first UPL club to create a team for amputee soldiers. Our task is to create all the conditions so that these people can integrate and return to an active life as much as possible. We will rely on the international practice of adaptive football during the organization of the new team.”

Serhii Palki, FC Shakhtar CEO

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