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Shakhtar Donetsk Football Club,

86-a Artema Street


Donetsk, Ukraine


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FC Shakhtar Donetsk

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FC Shakhtar Donetsk

FCSD 8Football Club Shakhtar is a Ukrainian professional football club from the city of Donetsk. Starting in 2014 the club has played (first) out of Lviv before moving early 2017 to Kharkiv with its headquarters in Kyiv.

Shakhtar has appeared in several European competitions and is often a participant of the UEFA Champions League. The club became the first club in independent Ukraine to win the UEFA Cup in 2009, the last year before the competition was revamped as the Europa League. FC Shakhtar Donetsk is one of two Ukrainian clubs, the other one is Dynamo Kyiv, who have won a major UEFA competition. The club formerly played its home matches at the Donbass Arena, however, due to the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, the team relocated 600 miles to the west in Arena Lviv in the interim. Following the winter break of the 2016–17 season the club moved to the Metalist Stadium in Kharkiv (150 miles to the north of Donetsk) early 2017.

Shakhtar Donetsk is Ukraine’s most popular football club. The club is the sole favorite of football fans in the Donbas.

FC Shakhtar Donetsk’s Corporate Social Responsability

Philosophy:We believe in football as an universal celebration of human potential, ambition and achievement.

Vision:To be the ambassador of Ukrainian football in the world and of international football in Ukraine, ultimately driving the development of football culture in our country.

Mission:To redefine the boundaries and standards of excellence in football.


  • Youth: “We believe in youth as an universal source of change, ambition and achievement.
  • Loyalty: “Our history is part of us, just as our future.
  • Determination: “We are not afraid of thinking big.
  • Knowledge: “There is always a better way to do things.

Brand Essence: “Beyond boundaries.”

FC Shakhtar Donetsk’s Programme



‘Come on, Let’s Play!’ programme – Shakhtar Donetsk

In Severodonetsk of Luhansk Oblast, FC Shakhtar launched Come on, Let’s Play! programme. Any child from 7 to 12 ...