Shakhtar Social Opened a Football Pitch for Children in Western Donbas

13 October 2023

Shakhtar Social Opened a Football Pitch for Children in Western Donbas

On Friday the 6th of October, the Shakhtar Social charitable foundation, with the support of its partner DTEK, opened a new pitch for the Come On, Let’s Play! project in Mykolaivka (Mykolaivka Hromada, Synelnykove Raion, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast). From now on, children aged 7 to 12 will be able to play football here for free. Local boys and girls have already had time to test the pitch and hold the first training session.

We are very excited because it is worth a lot when children smile, when they are happy. SCM and DTEK have always been and remain companies that work for people. We do everything to make our children happy today, despite the war. I am sure that we will win and everything will be fine. Football is always the number one game. And when I see that the girls joined the game today, this is another plus for our football. I am sure that our youth of western Donbas will become leaders in football in the future and will win at all levels.

Serhii Voronin, DTEK Pavlohradcoal CEO

Former Shakhtar player and legend Andrii Vorobei visited the children at the opening of the playground. He participated in training, showed some professional exercises and played football with the children. The girls and boys also received gifts from Shakhtar Social and DTEK.

In such a difficult time for us and our country, the opening of football pitches and playgrounds is very good news because it is necessary to distract children from the horrors of this war somehow. It is very nice that I see such a large number of children today and all of them are playing football: both girls and boys. It amazed me! We made a special day for the children and that is the most important thing.

Andrii Vorobei, Shakhtar legend and ambassador of the Shakhtar Social foundation

In general, the Come On, Let’s Play! project covers 35 Ukrainian localities where 40 pitches operate. 2,000 children train within the project. The general partner is DTEK.


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