The Cash Register rings during Money Week at NAC Breda

3 April 2023

The Cash Register rings during Money Week at NAC Breda

Last week, the Week of Money 2023, with the theme “Control the Bling”, was central to the Rat Verlegh Stadium, home of NAC Breda. This project aims to make children aware of the importance of dealing with money and to teach them financial skills. In recent days, a financial treasure hunt was therefore organized for various primary schools in Breda in conjunction with the Pearl of the South.

Monday morning was the national opening of Money Week with Queen Maxima in Utrecht. The opening was held in the Cordial in the Rat Verlegh Stadium. The students received an explanation from alderman Marike de Nobel and NAC Social about what was about to happen this week. In addition, NAC players Roy Kortsmit and Aimé Omgba welcomed the students to the stadium via a video message. Among other things, they asked the students whether they were already saving and whether they received and spent pocket money. Finally, the players wished the students good luck with the treasure hunt.

The way to the money

Various primary schools conducted a financial scavenger hunt through the stadium with employees of NAC Breda. At various places in the stadium, the students could earn fictitious money through questions and assignments. The money they earned consisted of five and ten euro bills. In the end, students could spend the money on a ‘goodies’, such as a phone case, Frisbee, drinking cup and much more.

Student Adam from Het Noorderlicht found it fun and useful: “Thanks for the fun experience, I have learned how to make choices so that I can handle money better. I bought a phone case for my sister with the money I earned”. In addition, Pieter, a well-known participant of the NAC Street League, also came along with his school Ons SBO. Pieter is the regular pressman of Ons SBO during the matches in the NAC Street League competition. “I enjoy writing the pieces. I want to bring the fun the students have on the field back to paper. Today was really great fun, especially because I was allowed to be in the press room for a while.” Says Pieter.

Festive end

On Friday, the last schools started the scavenger hunt through the stadium. In total, about 100 students from three schools were present. To conclude, Niels de Beer, chairman of the board of NAC social, addressed the students in the morning. He indicated that he thinks it is important that these kinds of projects are carried out to make students aware of what money is and how to deal with it. Subsequently, rapper Yes-R and mayor Paul Depla came forward. Together they entered into a conversation with the children present and answered questions including: “Which purchase do you regret most?”, “Do you spend money easily? and “Do you also save?”, the event closed with a spectacular performance by rapper Yes-R.


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