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NAC Breda

The Dutch professional football club was founded in 1912 and is based in Breda. The club’s home stadium is the Rat Verlegh Stadium, named after their famous player Antoon ‘Rat’ Verlegh. Since the 2019-2020 season, NAC operates in the Eerste Divisie with the ambition of returning to the Eredivisie.

In 1921, NAC celebrated one of its greatest achievements, when becoming Dutch football champion. Winning the KNVB Cup Final in 1973 was another highlight in NAC’s history. NAC Breda is known in Europe for their loyal fan-base.

NAC Breda’s social commitment

NAC Foundation

NAC Breda is aware of their power to motivate, educate and inspire people on a physical and social level in the city of Breda. Through the brand “NAC Breda”, clubs facilities and players, NAC Breda has the opportunity to get in contact with social groups, which are out of reach for other organisations.

In order to implement and execute different projects, NAC Breda has teamed up with a variety of partners from civil society organisations, educational institutions, commercial partners and public authorities.


NAC Foundation works towards a society, which is characterised by a healthy lifestyle, an energetic living environment, opportunities for talent development and mutual respect.


NAC Foundation accomplishes their mission by implementing a variety of sport-based community and social projects. To realise the projects, NAC Breda is working together with societal organisations, commercial partners and educational institutions.

Healthy & Energetic

Not everyone has the same opportunities to participate in sport. Therefore, NAC Foundation is providing financial support (or free) sports programmes in different neighbourhoods in the city of Breda. In this way, NAC Breda wants to facilitate a healthier environment with more possibilities for physical activity. The club uses sport, and in particular football as a mean to raise awareness for a healthier lifestyle. The clubs brand, club players, staff members and the facilities of the football club are being used to create an atmosphere that motivates people and creates enthusiasm.

Education & Participation

The Rat Verlegh Stadium is not only a venue for supporters and fans, but also a place where different societal groups have the possibility to discover and develop their talent. Through education and participation projects, people get the opportunity to work on different skills and competences. The programmes are focused on the fields of education, sport and employment and open to students, volunteers and unemployed persons.

Open Stadium

NAC Foundation has the objective to pursue an Open Stadium policy. It is part of the Open Stadium policy that NAC’s supporters and sponsors contribute to the societal projects of the football club. Next to that, NAC Foundation is working together with the club’s supporters to anticipate their needs, demands and problems. In this way, NAC Foundation tries to meet the needs of all stakeholders and target groups. An Open Stadium shall be a transparent meeting place, where everyone feels at home.

NAC Breda has nine projects:

  1. NAC Street League
  2. Playing for Success Breda
  3. NAC OldStars
  4. NAC G-voetbal
  5. NAC Impact Makers
  6. NAC Telt
  7. NAC Football Memories
  8. NAC voor elkaar
  9. Niemand Buitenspel

The NAC Street League is the street football competition of Breda and Geertruidenberg. What makes the NAC Street League special is that the matches take place on playing fields in the neighborhoods. Teams not only earn points by winning matches, but also score points based on various aspects such as sportsmanship, respect, attending workshops, and participating in community challenges. In this way, the NAC Street League serves as a connector to encourage young people to be more active, raise awareness about socially relevant issues, and present the target group more positively in the community.

In the NAC Junior Street League, groups 7 and 8 from various primary schools in Breda play on Tuesday afternoons, and in Geertruidenberg on Wednesday afternoons. On Thursday afternoons, the first and second classes of high schools in Breda participate in the NAC (Ladies) Street League.

Having fun together, respecting each other, and collaborating are central themes in the NAC Street League.

At Playing for Success Breda, we focus on children in the upper grades of (special) primary education and young people in the first two classes of secondary (special) education. Additionally, attention is given to students in vocational education.

For over twelve years, qualified teachers from Playing for Success have been working with participants in the NACademy and around the Rat Verlegh Stadium, addressing aspects such as self-confidence, positive self-image, and motivation. By working outside the regular school system and in the inspiring environment of the NACademy, participants discover their qualities and talents, learn to connect and interact with others, and develop presentation skills.


NAC OldStars offers Walking Football for people aged sixty and above, with matches played every Wednesday morning at various amateur clubs in the region. Walking Football is a variation where only walking is allowed, and physical contact is not permitted.

The primary goal of NAC OldStars is to promote a healthy lifestyle and enhance social connections. In addition to sporting activities, there are regular social gatherings. NAC OldStars is organized in collaboration with regional amateur clubs, with currently ten clubs offering activities for those aged sixty and above.

The importance of physical activity for health is well-known. Regular exercise reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and loneliness, among other benefits. Since older individuals are increasingly living independently at home, maintaining good health is crucial. NAC OldStars addresses this by increasing the self-reliance of older individuals and expanding their social network. By participating in NAC OldStars, individuals aged sixty and above work on their fitness in a responsible manner and remain socially active.

NAC G-football is a program where players receive training once a month. Additionally, G-footballers represent NAC five times during the Special Eredivisie. G-footballers have the opportunity to experience being a real professional football player. At NAC G-Talenten, the focus is on building self-confidence, forging new connections, and staying active!

Moreover, an annual football tournament is organized for people with intellectual disabilities. The G-day has been a significant event in Breda and the surrounding area for years. Once a year, the teams travel to the Rat Verlegh Stadium to compete for victory. A maximum of 24 teams can participate in the tournament. Traditionally, each G-team is assigned a selection player from NAC as a coach, and they compete in a ‘4 against 4’ tournament.

NAC Impact Makers offers young people between 16 and 30 years old a unique opportunity to discover their talents, contribute to the Breda community, and meet new people, all in and around the Rat Verlegh Stadium. This innovative social service time (MDT) project is a collaboration with fourteen other professional football clubs from the Eredivisie and Keuken Kampioen Divisie. Over sixteen weeks, participants explore their talents through sports and workshops, contribute to the local community, and connect with various companies in the NAC Breda network. As a reward, participants receive an MDT certificate, a valuable addition to their CV.

The weekly program brings participants together at the Rat Verlegh Stadium, where they engage in sports under the guidance of instructors and attend captivating workshops from our partners. The program is tailored to the needs of the participants, who gather every Friday at the NACademy.

NAC Telt is a lifestyle program specially developed for NAC supporters, with the goal of improving their health. The program supports participants in collectively working towards more exercise, healthier eating habits, and a better balance between activity and relaxation. Throughout the program, participants receive practical tips to incorporate personal lifestyle changes into their daily lives, guided by professional NAC Telt coaches. The program serves as an effective starting point to transform old, sometimes less healthy habits into a healthier lifestyle. After this intensive period, participants are more aware of their lifestyle and better equipped to independently tackle challenges.

NAC Telt focuses not only on physical activity within a healthy lifestyle but also addresses nutrition, relaxation, and mindset. “Sport and exercise contribute to both physical and mental health, promote a sense of community, and offer opportunities for personal development” (Health and Active Living Values Network, 2023). The program serves as a stepping stone for participants to take charge of their own vitality. After twelve weeks, the goal is for participants to continue their healthy lifestyle independently. During the program, participants have two exercise sessions per week at the stadium under the guidance of professional coaches (Monday and Thursday evenings). Additionally, three to five challenges are offered, and workshops on nutrition, exercise, relaxation, and mindset are provided.

Participants gather once every two weeks. Based on photos, newspapers, fragments, and other memorabilia, conversations are initiated. NAC Football Memories is designed for seniors who are often homebound and have little to no social contacts. The dynamics of the participants often involve individuals with dementia, as well as seniors who, for various reasons, lack social contact. We invite club icons and organize a Christmas lunch for all participants, including their caregivers.

The NAC voor Elkaar project focuses on moments of happiness. Dreams are made possible through various activities such as DoesSouf Vak Thuis, Fan of the Match, the Blind Tribune, and other wish requests. Through collaboration with FC Robinstijn, children who are NAC supporters can uniquely experience a NAC match. Every home game, a child becomes the Fan of the Match, joining the field and gaining a unique NAC experience. With DoesSouf Vak Thuis, we provide people who, due to health reasons, cannot (anymore) visit the stadium with a unique experience during a home game of NAC, using a 360-degree camera. Participants (and their families) receive VR glasses at home and can watch the match live in this way.

Young people or (young) adults with a social assistance benefit, disability, or without starting qualifications often find it challenging to secure employment in practice. The Niemand Buitenspel project is designed for this group of people, offering the opportunity to develop and gain work experience in the special environment of the Rat Verlegh Stadium

The extensive network of businesses around NAC provides opportunities for individuals to transition to a work experience placement, paid job, or further education after their period at NAC.

In a special program, participants acquire knowledge through workshops and courses that contribute to gaining basic skills applicable to any employee. Additionally, participants are exposed to facility and stadium management, maintenance, safety, and exercise to establish a routine.


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