The PAOK Under-19 visits the Central Fruit Market

9 April 2021

The PAOK Under-19 visits the Central Fruit Market

World Health Day during a global health crisis. There is nothing more contradictory with this annual celebration which takes place on April 7. The occasion serves as a timely reminder to us all to make sure we remember the basic principles of healthy eating, prevention of illness and treatment. And when the ongoing pandemic crisis is over, to make sure we do not forget…

On World Health Day, PAOK Action chose a workplace, where employees have never stopped supplying the basic essentials to all of the people who have been staying at home during lockdowns.

With the help of the PAOK Academy, and four players from the PAOK Under-19team, Vassilis Gordeziani, Dimitris Tsopouroglou, Konstantinos Koulierakis and Giannis Manolioudis, PAOK Action paid a visit to the Central Fruit & Vegetable Market of Thessaloniki, where it distributed face masks and many special gifts. PAOK wishes for health to everyone all around the world, both physical and mental!


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