Toulouse Football Coeur for the emancipation of women with Les Munitionnettes

21 February 2024

Toulouse Football Coeur for the emancipation of women with Les Munitionnettes

Just a few weeks before the 8th of March, day dadicated to women’s rights, and for the whole month of February, Toulouse Football Coeur is committed to Les Munitionnettes to support the emancipation of women in its territory.

The Les Munitionnettes association, based in Toulouse, has the mission of creating a space of emancipation where women can develop their self-confidence, acquire professional skills and rebuild their future. Between the others, it offers thematic workshops and a support network to support each woman in her journey to success.

“We believe that every woman deserves to feel strong, confident and capable of achieving her professional and personal aspirations. Through a unique combination of workshops, training and a solidarity boutique, we provide a supportive environment where women can rebuild their self-esteem, develop essential skills and create strong connections with a supportive community.”

Zakia, founder of Munitionettes

Really important for them is also the solidarity shop, a meeting place where emancipation takes shape, offering both second-hand clothes and a sewing bar.

To close this month dedicated to the emancipation of women, Les Munitionnettes is organising a conference on the feminization of football in the presence of Nicole Abar, Jennifer Darbas and Brigitte ThiƩbaut. For more information about this event, visit the Toulouse FC website.


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