EFDN – Community & Social Responsibility Practitioners’ Guide

EFDN – Community & Social Responsibility Practitioners’ Guide

Football is the most popular sport in Europe. Every week tens of thousands of fans support their favourite clubs on the field, while hundreds of thousands of fans follow football through the media. Football inspires and mobilises. 

Football leagues and clubs are becoming increasingly aware of their roles in society and want to use the power of football to take an active role in their communities.

This practitioner’s guide, developed by EFDN, the Belgium ProLeague and the University of Brussels, provides a step by step planning process that will equip football clubs and community foundations with the resources and knowledge required to implement a community strategy.

The aim of the practitioner’s guide is to assist clubs in creating a sustainable planning process for community project objectives. The practitioner’s guide is directed toward community managers and the boards of football clubs.

Next to this practitioner’s guide, the following practitioner’s guides can be found on the EFDN Online Learning Platform:

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