UEFA Foundation Activity Report 16/17 (English)

UEFA Foundation Activity Report 16/17 (English)

The UEFA Foundation Activity Report 2016/2017 informs in detail about the aims, vision and mission of the foundation and the organisation’s activities during the time period.

The reports mentions in detail the following subjects:

  1. The Heart of the Foundation
  2. 2016 Call for Projects
  3. 2017 UEFA Foundation for Children Award
  4. Refugees and Displaced People
  5. Personal Development
  6. Disability Research Education
  7. Second Life Project
  8. Geographical Distribution of Activities
  9. Events
  10. Internal Projects
  11. Financial Reports
  12. Communication
  13. Acknowledgement

Since the UEFA Foundation for Children was established in 2015, the organisation has made a considerable difference to the lives of thousands of children in Europe and beyond, bringing smiles to their faces, creating opportunities for them to realise their dreams and giving them hope for the future.DLNe00ZW0AA2Dki

Another successful year of activities has come to a close. It was a highly productive 12 months for the UEFA Foundation for Children, a time in which we were able to continue and develop many initiatives already initiated in 2015/2016. In this spirit of continuity, we increased our support for refugee children in the Middle East and Europe.

We are proud to confirm that more than 700.000 children were able to benefit from actions supported by the foundation through some 82 projects taking place in 66 countries.

The UEFA Foundation for Children is fully committed to improving the lives of children living in difficult circumstances and will continue to pursue and promote ever greater solidarity and endeavour to support event more projects in 2018. Jose Manual Durao Barroso, Chairman

Please find more information about the UEFA Foundation supported ‘One Goal for Education‘ EFDN programme here.

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