EFDN welcome Fundación Real Betis Balompié as a new member

8 April 2020

EFDN welcome Fundación Real Betis Balompié as a new member

EFDN welcome the charitable organisation of the Seville based Football Club Real Betis Balompié, Fundación Real Betis Balompié as a new member. 

Fundación Real Betis believe that football can be used as a tool to promote educational values, to contribute to the fight against marginalisation and social exclusion, as well as to promote healthy life habits among children and young people. Every year, La Fundación supports more than 300 organisations that work in the social or environmental sector, mainly in Seville and Andalusia.

The foundation follows the guidelines established by the historical and philosophical values and the universal social dimensions of Real Betis Balompié. To achieve this, Real Betis Balompié Foundation developed different programmes and activities to give back to society, in the way that the Betis fans give to the club every day.

To achieve these goals, the following activities, among others, are undertaken:

  • Organisation and promotion of all kinds of sporting activities
  • Promotion of Academy and amateur football
  • Activities focused on sports formations and technicals, for coaches and athletes, as well as managers and directors of sporting institutions
  • Research, studies and publications related to the objects and activities of the Foundation
  • Conservation, promotion, diffusion and assessment of the Real Betis Balompié historical, cultural and social patrimony
  • Management and use of the sporting facilities and equipment in which the activities will take place, whether they belong to Real Betis Balompié or any other public or private institution
  • Providing audiovisual communication services to promote the social activities of the foundation
  • Cooperation actions and promotion of sports in developing countries

Some programmes Fundación Real Betis operate are the: 

  • Community Programme: For this programme, the Foundation uses the Club’s resources and brand for charitable purposes. This includes donations of t-shirts and merchandising, stadium tours, training sessions and matches to more than 250 organisations, working on social causes in Seville, Andalusia, Spain and the world
  • Health programme: The Fundación Real Betis’ Health Programmes include different initiatives. Among them: “Donate green”, a campaign for blood donations to be made at the Regional Blood Transfusion Center in Seville; visit at Christmas by the first team and the sections to the children’s plants in four hospitals in Seville: Virgen de Valme University Hospital, University Hospital Virgen del Rocío, Virgen Macarena University Hospital and Viamed Santa Ángela Hospital; donation of 18 chairs for the Children’s Oncology area of the Virgen del Rocío Hospital thanks to the collection of the Real Betis Féminas match against Santa Teresa de la Liga Iberdrola; donation of equipment to ELA Andalucía to improve the quality of life of patients and families with this disease thanks to the collection of the women football city derby.
  • Poverty and Inclusion programme: The Foundation collaborates in the following campaigns, projects and events: Plush collection campaign thanks to which 8,000 stuffed animals were distributed among entities that work with vulnerable children in the province of Seville. Christmas Sweets Collection Campaign that benefited 4 social canteens of Seville capital. Campaign with the Food Bank to collect Milk, obtaining 3,072 liters. Support for the Project Educating at the Street of Jorge Morillo for integration and education in values through football of boys and girls from neighborhoods at risk of exclusion in Seville. I Real Betis Integra Tournament with Obra Social La Caixa, whose objective is to promote and support social inclusion through football of girls at risk of exclusion, granting 2 Scholarships for the Real Betis Football School reached 64 beneficiaries. “Monsalvete Jesús Obrero” Sports Club Project to bring soccer closer to minors and young people from the Seville neighborhood of the Three Thousand Homes benefiting 80 athletes.
  • Disability programme: Beyond the debut of Real Betis in the League Genuine, the most significant milestones are the following: Celebration of Disability Day with multiple awareness activities previously to the match against Real Sociedad. Basketball and sports inclusion clinic with the organization Incluocio and participation of basketball team players. Visit of several first-team players to the ASPACE center on its 25th Anniversary. Sponsorship by the Real Betis Balompié Foundation and donation of a car adapted for people with severe physical disabilities to the NGO Chariots of Fire for the Marathon of Seville.

Fundación Real Betis Balompie joins the EFDN to exchange knowledge and collaborate with football clubs and community organisations that have the same objectives. EFDN and Fundación Real Betis Balompie collaborate already in the SIDFOOT project. The new member strives to join more project proposals soon.

To find out more information about Fundación Real Betis Balompié and the programmes they deliver, please visit their member page here.



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