A farewell party for the kids of AEK FC

19 June 2017

A farewell party for the kids of AEK FC

The farewell party of AEK KIDS CLUB for the 2016-17 season ended shortly and will remain for a long time in memory of AEK’s small and big friends found there.

The members of AEK KIDS CLUB together with their parents were found on the OAKA field and then to the VIP area where they competed in an original … Survivor, with the yellow “Bridges” being defeated by the black “Aetos” With 5-4.

But it was also a useful afternoon for parents who had the opportunity to be informed by ergo physician- nutritionist Gregory Bogdanis about nutrition of children. In this way, the scientific support of AEK Club was inaugurated to the families of AEK KIDS CLUB, as the parents will now be able to e-mail related questions to Mr. Bogdanis.

Also, the parents of the children of AEK KIDS CLUB had the opportunity to obtain free samples of the Fastum Care product of Menarini Hellas SA. It is a soothing gel-cream gel for skin use, ideal for children from 3 years of age and above, but also for adults. Menarini Hellas SA is a sponsor of the AEK KIDS CLUB.


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