Foundation ‘Schalke hilft!’ celebrates 10th Anniversary

6 July 2018

Foundation ‘Schalke hilft!’ celebrates 10th Anniversary

The Foundation of FC Schalke 04 ‘Schalke hilft!’ celebrates its 10th anniversary. Although the pursuit of sporting and economic success plays a significant role in the club, the work of the foundation shows that Schalke has never forgotten its roots and how important the club is for the people of the region.

At the early years of the foundation, the so-called Royal Blues used their foundation ‘Schalke hilft!’ to fundraise money which was donated to different causes to benefit needy families from Gelsenkirchen and the surrounding area. Since then, the foundation has evolved steadily, significantly expanding its work and commitment.

Schalkes CFO Peter Peters explains: “We all realise what people are doing for Schalke 04 and what they are willing to do for the club. It is important for us to give something back here in a city to those who are not blessed with happiness. We want to be there for the people and show them that their football club can do a lot for them. “

Especially the ‘miners’ box’, the biggest donation campaign ever to have been started by a German football club, and the action “#standup”, in which FC Schalke 04, together with club legend Gerald Asamoah, has spoke out against exclusion and racism have made a lasting difference. The initiatives not only made an impact in Gelsenkirchen but far beyond the city limits. The innumerable and various donations by the supporters reached those in need in the city, refugee camps, kindergartens and youth facilities.

Meanwhile ‘Schalke hilft!’ implemented a variety of projects, initiatives and delivered support for socially disadvantaged children and adults, against exclusion and racism, for education and to promote an active and healthy life of the people. Sports projects such as walking football and football fans in training are side by side with actions such as the 1000 Friends Ticket. The ticket allows Schalke fans to see their team play in the stadium, even if the financial resources are limited.

While some activities only run for one season, ‘Schalke hilft’ also launched several long-running programmes that have been positively influencing the lives of people for many years. The action ‘Heart wishes’, ‘Schalke makes school’ or the monthly food distribution to homeless people are among the projects that have stood for years for what ‘Schalke hilft!’ is: diverse, uncomplicated help exactly where it is needed.



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