Inter Campus involved with resilience processes

18 February 2022

Inter Campus involved with resilience processes

In Yaounde, the experiences shared with the Inter Campus staff involved in the projects in Congo, Angola, Uganda and Cameroon have not only been unforgettable, but they have also shown how football, and sport in general, can be an extraordinary driving force for resilience processes thanks to its socio-educational characteristics.

Through events held in Yaounde, the Africa Nerazzurra project, which is supported by the UEFA Foundation for Children, linguistic and geographical barriers have been overcome and Inter Campus coaches can now be defined as real coaches of resilience, whose acquired knowledge over the years can be applied at different levels, such as in the relationship between coach and the team, between children from different families or between children from different families and their parents.

Football has always helped children increase their knowledge about themselves and develop their social, cognitive, technical and general life skills. The time spent in Yaounde has allowed coaches from different countries to create and strengthen a sense of belonging to a single project and to the Inter Campus family, generating positive and significant interpersonal links.


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