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Inter Campus

Inter Campus is a Corporate Social Responsibility program that supports social, religious, racial equality worldwide, with specific focus on Children’s Rights. Most evident expression of FC Internazionale Milano founding values, ethics and belief in brotherhood, since 1997 Inter Campus formalizes long-term and flexible cooperation agreements with reliable NGO’s and Institutions around the world.  Inter Campus supports their social programs in favour of needy children by adding the soccer activity as an educational tool. Inter Campus provides adults with technical formation, gives back children their Right to Play and fosters the development of communities, by tackling specific social challenges according to regional pecularities and needs.

Promotion of football and Right to Play

Inter Campus promotes play as a right for every single child. Nowadays Inter Campus works in 29 countries and it constantly involves 10’000 children (boys and girls) from 6 to 13 years old, around 200 local educators and volunteers. Inter Campus socially improves the communities it works with, giving children the possibility to play, develop their own personality, be integrated and participate proactively in the society they live in. Every year each child participating in Inter Campus is given the official black and blue jersey, a symbol of belonging to the Inter family.

Since Inter Campus’ intervention is an ongoing process, continuity is one of the key success factors of the programme: only through time it is possible to transfer substantial value. The creation of steady programmes through time with constant monitoring and periodical updates is a pillar, together with the trasversal diffusion, beyond governments and religions.

Inter Campus is committed in establishing partnerships with international organizations and institutional entities to enhance the impact of the intervention.  Nowadays, the Program is collaborating concretely and effectively with UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) and UNOSDP (United Nations Office on Sport for Peace and Development).

Thanks to the ongoing relationship and collaboration with UN agencies and the Italian Mission to the United Nations, Inter Campus was invited at UN Headquarters in New York City in 2012 to present its social committment in the World, in 2014 as a best practice within the event “Sport, Children and Development” and in July 2016, when the conference “Inter @ UN – The Power of Football in fostering the Sustainable Development Goals” took place. For the first time in history a whole football team was hosted at UN.




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