Juventus’ involvement in the theme of “sharenting”

29 February 2024

Juventus’ involvement in the theme of “sharenting”

As part of the Project for the Protection of Minors, Juventus have organised a series of meetings focused on the theme of ‘sharenting’, which is the sharing of images, videos and other content on social media.

Minors usually get their first phone at age 7 and from then it becomes an inseparable tool. It is therefore essential to know how to accompany them in this world in the safest way possible during their development age.

The aim of the training was to contribute to the improvements in awareness of the consequences that come with online activity for minors, and the possible risks that come with an online presence.

The meeting was hosted and led by the Fondazione Carolina Onlus, committed to the spreading of correct, positive and conscious use of new technologies.

The Foundation’s mission is to make the internet as safe a place as is possible for children and youths, and to rediscover the value of authentic relationships – even on social media.

Juventus, moreover, has always been attentive to the growth of their young players as people, and not only as footballers. For this reason, the club not only has its own Child Safeguarding policy since 2018, but its psychological team have been working on this topic since 2008. They felt then necessary to collaborate with Fondazione Carolina Onlus in a series of meetings.

Read more information about the Fondazione Carolina Onlus and the meetings on their website.


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