Nobody is alone with PAOK by their side

21 March 2019

Nobody is alone with PAOK by their side

As Dr Ioannis Konstantinidis, director of the Otorhinolaryngology Clinic of AHEPA Hospital, said “Nobody is alone with PAOK by their side”.  This quote was taken from the delivery event of new equipment donated to the clinic by PAOK FC and Ivan Savvidis.

PAOK FC first team players, Alexandros PaschalakisDimitris PelkasDimitris Limnios and Dimitris Giannoulis along with the head of PAOK FC medical staff Manolis Papakostas were in attendance at the delivery of new equipment to ΑHEPΑ, aiming to boost the clinic’s excellent work.

The visit of the “Double-Headed Eagle” was welcomed by Dr Ioannis Konstantinidis and the members of his medical staff. PAOK players were given a tour around the facilities and visited the laboratories. They also visited the patients and gave out presents and autographs, while also stopping at the acoustic laboratory to check out their hearing.

The equipment donated to the clinic will considerably help towards the prognosis and treatment of deaf and hard of hearing children and adults. The 1st Otorhinolaryngology Clinic of Thessaloniki “Aristotelio” University in AHEPA Hospital boasts one of the best acoustic laboratories in Greece. This laboratory treats hearing loss, hearing-balance disorder, vertigo and deafness. The acoustic laboratory also hosts the centre of cochlear implantations. Hearing impaired infants, children and adults are submitted to full pre-op control ahead of cochlear implantation.


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