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PAOK Action – Special Events

As one of their community engagement programmes, PAOK Action, the CSR department of PAOK FC, regularly organises special events benefiting people, who are in need of their help. These events are taking place all over the city of Thessaloniki and around PAOK’s stadium, Toumba.

With the help of these special events, PAOK FC closely stands by all supporters and the citizens of Thessaloniki. In many occasions, PAOK’s staff and their players join forces to take part in diverse activities and events, at which they can be close to their community and support the PAOK family. In particular those, who are in need of their help as children, that are suffering from severe health problems.

In March 2017, PAOK FC sent a strong message of solidarity and support for people with Down Syndrome on the International Day of Down Syndrome.

At that special event, children and adults, all belonging to the PAOK family, had gathered at Thessaloniki’s White Tower, to join hands to send their message of solidarity for people with Down Syndrome.

The diverse number of special events, which PAOK Action organises every year aim at addressing a wide range of issues and matters, benefiting those people who are in need of their support.

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