A beautiful afternoon at PAOK FC Official Store

11 December 2018

A beautiful afternoon at PAOK FC Official Store

A beautiful Christmas event took place on Thursday afternoon at PAOK FC Official Store, with Fernando Varela and José Maurício attending the event.

The two PAOK FC players visited the club’s store at the Toumba Stadium, where they could meet the club’s fans up close. Countless smiles, many photographs and autographs set up some festive sceneries, with old and young friends of PAOK jumping on the opportunity to meet their favourite players.

The children of SOS Children’s Village of Plagiari were the honorary hosts of the event. They escaped from the dire situations of their daily lives for a while and spent some carefree moments with Varela and Maurício. The “Double-Headed Eagle” players also had… Santa Claus duties and therefore offered many PAOK presents to them, while PAOK FC collaborator Lala Land entertained the children with various entertaining activities and games.

A few words about SOS Children’s Village of Plagiari

There is a Village that embraces with love and care the children who are alone in the world. A Village that offers each child separately the warmth of home, the fellowship of friends and brothers, the care for their education, and the joy of games. A Village that provides children with what they need the most: the caring stroke and loving hand of Mother SOS, which spotlights the essence, the role and the worth of the SOS Children’s Village.

“A big family that embraces children with love”.


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