PAOK Action – ‘Helping the smallest among us.’

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PAOK Action – ‘Helping the smallest among us.’

At every game, the PAOK fans are not only supporting their football club, but also young children, who are part of the PAOK family and who are in need of financial and psychological help, due to severe health problems.

In order to support those children in need, the entrance money for the football matches are being used to provide financial assistance to families with children that suffer from serious illness and strongly need help with paying their child’s treatment.

By contributing a part of the entrance fee, the entire PAOK family strongly supports the smallest ones among them. Those, who are unfortunate enough, having to experience such severe health problems at such a young age.

PAOK sports club and its fans are more than just sportive success. The programme “Helping the smallest among us” demonstrates the joined effort of the PAOK family to change people’s lives for the better.

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