Christos’ wish – PAOK Action

27 April 2021

Christos’ wish – PAOK Action

Through its collaboration with PAOK Action and ‘Make a Wish’ Greece, PAOK made Christos’ dream come true.

Christos is a sweet and happy child, full of expressiveness and enthusiasm. Until he was 5 years old, he needed to use a wheelchair to get around, and doctors gave him no hope of being able to walk. But he did it! He can now walk comfortably and even hop. He is a prankster and he likes to show this with his brother, Petros. His favorite team is PAOK, the same as for his whole family. They all sit together in the living room to watch the games.

Christos has never been to the stadium to watch a match up close, and he would love to do so at some point. The best PAOK player, according to him, is Paschalakis . Nothing could make him more happier than the chance to play football with the PAOK team, together with his favorite brother. He wanted to wear the number 10 on his shirt, and Petros… probably the number 47.

This was a job for the magical fairies who made sure that Christos could meet the team that he loves and admires so much as soon as possible.

The coveted day to meet the PAOK team arrived. The car that would transport Christos and his family to the Toumba stadium was on time. His excitement was evident.

Arriving at the stadium, his joy was really written all over his face. At the entrance he met with the players, who arrived at the stadium to train and fulfill his wish. Entering the stadium holding hands with his brother, he could not believe that his wish came true. He was so happy! The players of the team made sure to show both children plenty of love and interest. His favorite player did not stop playing with him! They exchanged an infinite number of passes and shots! A huge smile was splashed across his face when he saw the cake that his fairy had secretly prepared, in the shape of a football of course! The whole group gathered for Christos to blow out his candle and to be photographed with him. «You made my year!», he shouted. His mother, very excited, told us that her child was ready to fly!



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