City tour for elderly people in San Sebastián

8 January 2021

City tour for elderly people in San Sebastián

Real Sociedad continues to collaborate with ‘Bizikletaz Adinik Ez’, Donostia’s non-profit project, which has been trying for three years to improve people’s quality of life, especially people that have difficulty leaving their homes or residences. This project offers them the possibility to take tricycle rides with drivers around the city.

This initiative allows beneficiaries not only to get out of their houses but also to establish new conversations and relationships with other participants. Furthermore, they can improve their memories by going to places where people have lived and they currently cannot go. During the Christmas holidays, they also continued to take walks around the city, stopping at the stadium.

People from different generations participated, connecting with each other. A great and easy way to unite people and make life easier for people at risk of isolation. 


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