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Real Sociedad Fundazioa

 Real Sociedad Fundazioa, is a charity entity whose main mission is to promote sport, equality, sustainability, culture, social activities and the basque language. 

Two main pillars

  • Football education: The foundation uses a holistic educational approach because we not only train footballers but also educate people. Our work is not limited to our training academy Zubieta; we support all of Gipuzkoa’s youth football, as well as school sports.
  • Social Responsibility: By developing our own programmes and collaborating in programmes from other associations, we achieve the necessary social impact to build a society more in line with the values that represent our community.

The Foundation believes that the following values are the ones that it firmly trusts and are the ones in which the daily work is sustained: education, effort, honesty, humbleness, will power, compromise, equality, solidarity, collaboration, inclusion, friendship, respect and Euskara.

Main programmes

Real Sociedad Fundazioa uses its sports projects for kids to reinforce and teach values such as respect, working in a group, autonomy, responsibility. In order to achieve this, the Fundazioa works not only with sports staff but also with a range of professionals from the psychology sector.


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