Shakhtar Social Foundation is ‘Scoring for Health’

18 May 2020

Shakhtar Social Foundation is ‘Scoring for Health’

‘Scoring for Health’ is an EFDN programme, funded by UEFA Foundation for Children, that encourages children from the ages of 7 to 13 and their parents, to adopt a healthy lifestyle and make them aware of the value of eating healthily and being active.

The Scoring for Health programme aims to inspire other grassroots and professional football organisations to face the issue of childhood obesity and provide opportunities for learning and tackling the problem to an even wider audience.

EFDN designed a special Workbook for children and a Teachers’ Manual to help all participating member clubs operate the Scoring for Health programme effectively.

Our member, Shakhtar Social launched their ‘Scoring for Health’ programme at schools in Mariupol, Ukraine. The programme is supported by the club and M-Sport Municipal Sports Enterprise and aims to promote a healthy lifestyle, physical activity, and proper nutrition for children. See the video below to gain an insight into how Shakhtar Social Foundation is ‘Scoring for Health’!

The Scoring for Health programme is co-funded by the UEFA Foundation for Children and runs in cooperation with 6 EFDN member clubs in 5 different countries, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, the UK and Ukraine.

Alongside Shakhtar FC, Chelsea FC, Feyenoord Rotterdam, Club Brugge, Legia Warsaw and Brentford FC are carrying out their own Scoring for Health programmes.


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