SK Brann Street Team Creates Memories for Life in Voss

11 August 2020

SK Brann Street Team Creates Memories for Life in Voss

SK Brann’s street football team – Gatelaget – was treated to a day of adventure in the “extreme sports village” of Voss in the Western region of Norway. The country’s tourism agency describes Voss as the place for fantastic experiences all year round; as it is set in a magnificent landscape one can use as a playground and surrounded by high mountains, wooded valleys and cascading rivers and waterfalls (Fjord Norway).

When the country was locked down on March 12, regular training sessions and meetings for the street team players at the club stadium were also put on hold for a few weeks. In the weeks that followed, there was no football training. Upon resumption, a record number joined the sessions.

At most, there have been 26 people in training, even though they are not allowed to train with full contact or use the meeting rooms inside the stadium.

Every year, Gatelaget travels on tour and this time Voss was the destination. After a joint train ride to Voss, the climbing park and rafting were first day on the agenda.

“The trip was absolutely fantastic and it was a memory for life,” says Fredrik Negaard, one of the players on the action-packed trip.

Brann’s project “Gatelaget”, started in 2015, contributes to giving drug addicts increased quality of life through community and physical training at the stadium.

“It gave an incredible feeling of mastery. I’m not that fond of heights, so I really got challenged myself. The others who participated motivated me a lot to challenge my boundaries,” adds Negaard.

After dinner and overnight stay, day two ended with a river board before the course was set home to Bergen. 15 players and three support staff joined the trip to Voss. At the same time, training was arranged for the eight who were left in Bergen and did not have the opportunity to participate in the trip.

“There are many new players now, so such trips mean a lot to the unity of the gang. You could see from everyone that this meant a lot,” remarks Negaard.

Find out more about SK Brann’s street football team and their other Community and Social Responsibility initiatives here.


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