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18 Jul
The 7th Edition of the EAFF Junior Camp will take place in Belgium. Picturesque Blankenberge will be buzzing with the energy of young amputee football enthusiasts. This year, we are thrilled to announce that it’s co-organized by the Clube Brugge Foundation! As a part of the Nobody Offside Project. Let’s make the 7th Read more

Football Works

Football brings people and organisations together and has a social power that can inspire people to take positive steps in their own development. The football clubs can play an important role in this by offering social internships and work guidance programmes. It also offers vulnerable people a social safety net and makes them feel part of the society again. ‘Werk via Sport DJI’ and EFDN acknowledge that football can be very important for detainees to successfully return to society after their detention, thereby reducing nuisance, crime and insecurity.

Football Works Festivals

EFDN and the ‘Dienst Justitiële Inrichtingen’ have joined forces to organise an event that not only includes a tournament but also a conference that brings together practitioners from the various best practice programmes from across Europe. One of the main objectives is to inspire professional and amateur football clubs to create their own programmes for a target group that is traditionally difficult to reach. The annual Football Works Festival is a platform for football clubs, social organisations and prisons from across Europe that offer work placement programmes.

EFDN and the Dutch Department of Justice (DJI) host the 7th edition of the annual Football Works Festival at the prison in Veenhuizen, the Netherlands, on the 14th of September 2023. The football tournament will involve 12 teams from across Europe made up of current and former detainees, employees and even some prominent ex-professional footballers. Representatives of prisons, governments, football clubs and NGOs can attend presentations of best practice programmes and share their knowledge and experience during the special Football Works Conference

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