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SK Brann

As the biggest club from Norway’s second largest city, Bergen, SK Brann are one of the most important clubs in Norway and through their actions, the club aims to show that they are “Vi é Brann – The Pride of Bergen”.

SK Brann’s community programs and activities are aimed at their main target groups which are supporters and vulnerable children and young people with the goal that the club’s personality is reflected through their values and that the club cares about the community and initiates projects, develops local talent and is active in important debates and conversations.

The community programmes are divided into three main parts, all related to their main value ‘we care’ or their heart value for a warmer, more healthy and safer society, these being public health, inclusion and Everyday happiness: Nice small and big moments

Public health

Public health is inherent in all aspects of SK Brann’s projects and they initiate various measures to improve the health of their supporters with projects such as ‘Cycle to battle’ and ‘EuroFIT’, a program harnessing the ‘love of the game’ by engaging football fans in lifestyle changes that promotes health by leveraging their loyalty and attachment to their clubs.


  • Brann Street team: a football team for people that struggle with drug addiction. Meeting twice a week to develop a safe and social environment to take new steps in the right direction, several people manage to get a job through the Street team, after close follow up over several years.
  • Brannsjansen: A life skill concept which aims to get young adults (18-30) back to school or in a full-time permanent job, better health and/or a good foundation for further development. The program consists of education, vocational training and individual tutoring offering training programs and work placement both within the clubs own facilities and with their business partners.

Working together with their network to open new doors, Brann have a programmes in collaboration with the public employment agency.

  • MOT ambassador-team is a life skills concept which aims to improve the social environment and basic quality of life of young people (13-19) by teaching them vital life and social skills in diverse environments.
  • Stjernelag is a football team for people with disabilities of players that do not feel comfortable playing in regular teams.

Everyday happiness: Nice small and big moments is a project which sees the players visiting hospitals several times a year and young patients and their families are invited to join SK Brann matches from a VIP room. Also included in the Everyday happiness project is giving  free away tickets to vulnerable groups and ‘Tacklehomofobia’, an international social media campaign where footballers and supporters give unequivocal support for the freedom and dignity for LGBTI persons.