Swedish Elite Football teams up with housing developer

13 May 2021

Swedish Elite Football teams up with housing developer

In its sustainability report for the year 2020, Superettan’s presenting partner OBOS emphasizes the importance that the collaboration with Svensk Elitfotboll has for its social commitment. The presence in the community of Allsvenskan and the Superettan clubs is in line with the in the seven-point programme “Life between houses” that housing developer OBOS formulated.

OBOS’ sustainability approach is used as part of the planning and construction of residential areas where people can live and feel good. Therefore, OBOS now aims to develop the collaboration with Swedish Elite Football from 2021 from the perspective of Life between houses.

A key person in strengthening this dimension of the OBOS and Swedish Elite Football’s partnership will be Beatrice Clarke, Head of sustainability at SEF, whose work is also highlighted in the sustainability report. She said:

“We have seen that we are most successful in our community involvement when we collaborate with business and the public sector. With OBOS as a partner, we can combine our own slogan “Together we create winning teams” with their “Life between houses“, which gives us a fantastic opportunity to develop our commitment to children and young people where our clubs are. When other bodies and authorities research these groups, it emerges that much of what is missing is context, meeting places and being seen by the adult world. OBOS has strong brands locally where they operate, which also applies to the clubs whose players also act as adult role models and together they can therefore create exactly the meeting places that are missing today. There will be strong synergy effects that can also help to restore sport and association life in general, and football in particular, back on the agenda as the part of Swedish society-building they have been historically and build invaluable social capital.”

Ulrika Liiv is Head of Communications and Sustainability at OBOS:

The collaboration with football, both Swedish Elite Football and Elite Football Women, is an important part of how we at OBOS can show our community involvement. We share values ​​about everyone’s equal value and the importance of working together for a society where there is room for everyone, regardless of background or gender. At OBOS, we work every day to create housing for everyone in all parts of the country. Our goal is for everyone to have a secure home, and for many more to have the opportunity to own their home. But Life between houses is an equally important part in creating well-being and security, and this is where our collaboration is invaluable.


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