8th Edition of the Football Works Tournament

24 May 2024

8th Edition of the Football Works Tournament

On the 23rd of May 2024, the 8th edition of Football Works tournament took place in the PI Krimpen on the Ijssel. The tournament, organised by EFDN, Penitentiary Institution (PI) Krimpen, Dienst Justitiele Instellingen and ‘Werk via Sport’ is a platform for projects of prisons and football clubs that use power of football for the successful reintegration of vulnerable target groups towards the labour market.

In this edition of the tournament, EFDN members, ADO Den Haag (PI Alphen), Heracles Foundation (PI Almelo), FC Emmen (PI Esserheem; PI Norgerhaven), FC Utrecht (PI Nieuwegein) and non-member, FC Dordrecht (PI Dordrecht) as well as Streetkings (PI Lelystad), PI Krimpen, Werk Via Sport, FC De Rebellen, Business Club BVV Barendrehct, and the Nederlandse Advocaten Team (Dutch Lawyer Team) took part. After the exciting games, FC De Rebellen has been victorious in the Foot-Volley Competition. Moreover, after the 6 a side group phase, FC De Rebellen and Werk via Sport made it to the final. FC De Rebllen has also been crowned as the winner of the 6 a side competition.

Winners and other participants have received awards made by inmates at PI Krimpen on the Ijssel.

EFDN would like to congratulate all the participants for the effort they have put it during this tournament. Their true involvement has shown the true power of sport in bringing people together and making a real difference. The Football Works Tournament not only highlighted the transformative power of sport but also reinforced EFDN’s commitment to using football as a tool for social change. Congratulations to all the participants!


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