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Heracles Foundation

Heracles Foundation is the charity arm of Heracles Almelo a Dutch club founded in 1903 and two times Dutch champions. The Heracles Foundation strives for equal opportunities and a warm and safe environment for everyone in and around Almelo.


The Heracles Foundation uses the social impact of Heracles Almelo in the region. Through the Heracles Foundation, the club shapes its social involvement through numerous projects and activities. The Heracles Foundation connects and supports organizations in the Almelo area with social goals. The people around the club and foundation are the ones who make Heracles extraordinary!


Football and society are inextricably linked and the Heracles Foundation propagates this. The foundation is here for everyone. They do things in their own way. No crazy frills. Heracles dare to choose for themselves and their environment. They dare to choose what is good for the Heracles Foundation. Even if that is not normal for a while. Heracles is a club without prejudices, a club where boundaries do not exist. Just do it, but be extraordinary. That is typical of the Heracles Foundation.

The Heracles Foundation focuses on 4 pillars. These pillars have arisen because of the cooperation with the municipality in which the Foundation is located.

Female Goldstars ©Heracles Almelo

Equal Opportunity
In the Netherlands, there is great social, cultural, and economic inequality between different people and groups. The Heracles Foundation strives for equal opportunities for everyone in and around Almelo. Heracles is for everyone.

Social Connection
The Heracles Foundation is a home for everyone. With the power of Heracles Almelo, its players, and its stadium, the Foundation strives to provide a warm and safe environment where everyone comes together.

Low Literacy
In the Netherlands and in today’s society we are behind in terms of knowledge of the Dutch language. The Heracles Foundation is committed to young people in and around Almelo with the aim of increasing knowledge about the Dutch language. Together they build a better future.

The Heracles Foundation is a top sports organisation with vitality of paramount importance. They support people physically, mentally and emotionally. The foundation strives to encourage everyone in and around Almelo to have a healthy body with a healthy mind. Vitality is of great importance and everyone is entitled to it.

Heracles Werkt
Heracles Werkt (Works) is a sports/reintegration program for all residents of the municipality of Almelo who have a benefit and are at a distance from the labor market. With this programme, the municipality of Almelo, USG Restart, and the Heracles Foundation use their facilities and contacts to help the participants grow further in their careers with one ultimate goal: a job and/or training within six months. This is done under the supervision of a social sports coach from Heracles Almelo and a reintegration coach from USG Restart. The program is a sports program in the stadium of Heracles Almelo, Erve Asito. Also, the programme is linked to various reintegration activities. The participants form a permanent team and are set in motion together. In addition to local activities, the team participates in football training sessions and football matches.

Goldstars Heracles
The Goldstars Heracles is an initiative from the Walking Football Netherlands project. Heracles Almelo is one of the proud predecessors of the Walking Football sport in the Netherlands. Football doesn’t have to be fast to be beautiful. This proves this form of football, which is played on a quarter of a field at a walking pace. Walking Football means that there is no running during a game. No slides may be made and the ball may not rise above waist height.


Heracles Works

The Heracles Foundation stands for utilizing the social impact of Heracles Almelo and attaching value to developing, connecting, ...