Welcoming Norway’s SK Brann to EFDN

14 March 2019

Welcoming Norway’s SK Brann to EFDN

We are delighted to welcome SK Brann, from Norway’s second biggest City of Bergen, as the newest member of the EFDN. Through their actions, the club aims to show that they are “Vi é Brann – The Pride of Bergen” with a range of community programmes and activities divided into three categories which are aligned with their core value of ‘we care’ and their heart value for a warmer, more healthy and safer society.

These categories being; inclusion with programmes aimed at assisting those struggling with drug addictions, providing education and vocational training to young people in need; public health through their ‘Cycle to battle’ and EuroFIT programmes; and Nice small and big moments which includes players making visiting hospitals and inviting the children and their family to the VIP section of the stadium, the ‘Tacklehomofobia’ campaign and providing tickets to away games to vulnerable people, among many other things.

By joining EFDN, SK Brann hopes to get inspiration and learn from other members CSR programmes while at the same time share best practice of their own projects such as:

  • Brann Street team: a football team for people that struggle with drug addiction. We meet twice a week and develop a safe and social environment to take new steps in the right direction. Several people manage to get a job through the Street team, after close follow up over several years.
  • Brannsjansen: A life skill concept which aims to get young adults (18-30) back at school or in a full-time permanent job, better heaths and a good fundament for further development. The program consists of education, vocational training and individual tutoring. We offer training programs and work placement, both within clubs own facilities and with our business partners. A group of 10-15 young people will start together in the program in January and in August, which lasts for 3 -12 months.

We look forward to working together over to further develop the social and community impact of football in Norway and in Europe.


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