Football Works Festival presentations are online

28 June 2019

Football Works Festival presentations are online

On the 13th June of 2019, the European Football for Development Network and the Dutch Justice Department jointly hosted the first Football Works Festival.

In total 14 teams competed to become the first Football Works Champion, 8 teams from the Netherlands and teams from EFDN members AFC Ajax, Bohemians Foundation, Chelsea Foundation, FC Emmen, KAA Gent and Saints Foundation. The players of the teams were all participants or former participants of football based employability programmes.

The event not only included a football tournament inside the prison walls but also offered a conference with experts and leaders in the field presenting and hosting interesting, insightful and entertaining presentations and workshops on programmes from across Europe that use football as a tool for offender rehabilitation, reintegration and employability.

For anyone who missed out this unique event, take a look at the different presentations on our Online Learning Platform.


David Dein MBE & Hilton Freund – Twinning Project

Former English FA and Arsenal FC Vice-chairman, David Dein MBE, presented his Twinning Project and shared insights into his experiences that he made during visiting all 118 prisons in England and Wales. The presentation is about the development and methodology of the Project, which brings together professional football clubs and prisons across the UK, using football as a catalyst for change with currently 32 Premier League and English Football League clubs participating. See the presentation here.

Nico Kempf – DFB-Stiftung Sepp Herberger

Nico Kempf presented the work of DFB-Stiftung Sepp Herberger which uses a holistic approach to support the resocialisation of young detainees. The presentation discusses the rehabilitation of prisoners as one of their four statutory priorities, and their programmes working with juvenile prisoners. See the presentation here.

Hubert Rovers – European Football for Development Network

Hubert Rovers, CEO of the European Football for Development Network, gave an overview of the Morethanfootball movement. The presentation highlights how the organisation use football as a tool for social development and a more inclusive society within the sector, and how EFDN support member organisations to create a sustainable impact in their organisation and their communities. See the presentation here.

Pete Bell – Step Out Stay Out

Pete Bell, an ex-offender who for the last 23 years has spent his time working as a football coach educator, talked about his own experiences with the justice system in England and how he made it from being an inmate to his current work as a mentor. The presentation describes his new initiative called ‘Step Out Stay Out’ which aims to share his story, inspire and effect change in prisons. See the presentation here.

Yolanda Antin – FC Barcelona Foundation

Yolanda Antin from the FC Barcelona Foundation presented the Foundation’s inclusion programmes at minors and youth centres. The presentation highlights the positive outcomes of the programme like healthy habits, intercultural exchange and prevention of violence. See the presentation here.

Rosie Meek – Royal Holloway University of London

Rosie Meek, Professor of Psychology and founder of the Law School at Royal Holloway University of London discussed the role and impact of sports in prison. The presentation summarises her research on the impact of sports on prisoners and includes reliable recommendations for attending practitioners. See the presentation here.

Mirna Yrjana – Dutch Cell Dogs

Dutch Cell Dogs gave a presentation on their programme which allows shelter dogs to be trained by detainees so that they have a better chance of finding a new home. The presentation shows that not only football but also dogs can have a visible impact on the life of prisoners. See the presentation here.

We would like to take the chance to thank again everyone who attended and participated in the successful 1st Football Works Festival


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