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As the biggest club in the Netherlands, AFC Ajax believes it’s important that the club live up to their social responsibility.

Ajax Foundations set an example both on and off the field. Ajax is conscious of this, and committed to making a positive impact. Ajax does this with the Ajax Foundation, established on March 18, 2010 as an independent foundation associated with AFC Ajax. John Heitinga has been connected to the foundation as its ambassador since February 2017.

Our story: dreams and opportunities

What do you want to be when you grow up? For so many children, the answer to this question is: ‘A football player with Ajax.’ Combined with the fact that Ajax reaches millions of people globally, this adds up to a significant social responsibility. Of course, only a few of those kids will actually become football players at Ajax, but that doesn’t mean that all of the others shouldn’t be able to pursue their dreams, or seize every chance to bring out the best in themselves. Many kids are supported in this at home, but unfortunately, due to their social or physical situations, many kids are not exposed to these opportunities, and are thus unable to take advantage of them. They have fewer prospects to develop themselves or enjoy the experiences which would bring them closer to achieving their dreams. Sometimes, this is simply to have a normal or healthy life.


AFC Ajax and its Foundation aim to offer disadvantaged kids in (greater) Amsterdam and Cape Town, aged under 19, a better outlook by bringing them closer to achieving their goals.


The club and its foundation believe in investing in a society in which all kids have access to equal opportunities when it comes to discovering and developing their talents and enjoying a healthy lifestyle.


  • Giving kids the opportunity to develop their talents.
  • Offering an outlook on a good and healthy lifestyle.
  • Inspiring kids to bring out the best in themselves.
  • Offering kids joy and fun, so they can forget about their worries for a while.


Ajax and its Foundation support and organise several social initiatives in the areas of sports & health, education and social integration:

  • Organising projects for kids in disadvantaged neighborhoods
  • Organising sports events for kids with a disability
  • Supporting organisations and initiatives which have the same target group and purpose.
  • Fulfilling wishes for kids who have a (chronic) illness.

The target group

The club and its Foundation focus on disadvantaged kids between 7 and 19 years of age:

  • who have a (chronic) illness
  • who have a disability
  • who live in difficult social and/or economic circumstances.

The CSR programmes

Life Skills & Clinics offers elementary schools in Amsterdam’s disadvantaged neigbourhoods special Ajax days in cooperation with the community. The pupils will follow classes about nutrition and dealing with money and media knowledge during school hours.

Community Skill & Clinics will start in the season 2018/19 and be offered to 13 to 16 year olds. They will have the opportunity to attend sport clinics given by a renowned Ajax trainer.  The aim is to treat each other with respect.

Ajax Cape Town Community Scheme is a programme that involved the training of 70 community coaches in Cape Town with the aim of brining football to the municipality. Through the programme, Ajax Cape Town and Ajax Amsterdam offer street kids hope and opportunities.

VUmc Kinderstad is a partnership between the Ajax Foundation and the Children’s Clinic at the VUmc hospital. The Foundation organises activities for the young patients including mail boxes, football activities and they are regularly invited to attend matches.

Ajax More than Friends Dag (G-Football) is being delivered in cooperation with social partner ABN AMRO and is a sport day at which the Ajax team 1, Women team and reserves are in attendance.

Pitch your Foundation is an initiative which helps to pro-actively evaluate how associations and the Foundation could help each other. By this, the Foundation explores new opportunities in which way to engage in the community.

Special Wishes are intended for Ajacieds who need a helping hand. This could be fulfilled through visiting a training or game. In addition, the Ajax Foundation supports many associations by making several autographed auction items available to them.


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