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FC Barcelona Foundation

The FC Barcelona Foundation is the entity through which FC Barcelona conveys its corporate social responsibility.

Since its foundation in 1994, the FC Barcelona Foundation has helped people take part in the many social, cultural and sporting activities that the Club has carried out, a reflection of an advanced society that has found in the Club and the Foundation the ideal vehicle for such activities.

The FC Barcelona Foundation, on the basis of experience in the field of sport and values, proposes a programme of action aimed at transmitting positive values to children and adolescents, which involves sporting activities as a means to promote healthy development.

All programmes are based on the following premises :

  • The use of sport as a fundamental pillar of the project
  • The promotion of education and the positive values of sport
  • Children and adolescents as the prime beneficiaries
  • Projecting Catalonia through FC Barcelona

This work must be consistent with the values of FC Barcelona and must prioritise the development of projects in Catalonia.

The foundation has the following mission, vision and values:

Supporting children and youths from the most vulnerable groups through sports and education, thereby contributing to a more egalitarian and inclusive society.
Being the leading sports foundation in the world in terms of its social contribution to children and youths.
FC Barcelona Foundation aims at showing what sports can achieve in the social arena. Through its work, the foundation follows the goal of projecting the club as an institution that goes beyond its athletic results.

These values are being combined with certain management principles:

  • Commitment: To the groups and communities that are being supported, thereby enhancing the building of a more egalitarian and inclusive society.
  • Solidarity: Contributing to creating a more humane and altruistic model of society.
  • Passion: The foundation is convinced of the positive impact of their action.
  • Leadership: Being a bastion and a leader in sports as a powerful tool for social change.
  • Innovation: Finding the best transformative solutions to social problems for children and youths, leading to social stability.
FC Barcelona Foundation believes that sport is a key development tool to prevent violence and avoid social exclusion. Additionally, it promotes education and improves the emotional well-being of children and young people.

Currently, Barcelona Foundation is delivering the following programmes & initiatives:

  • Barcakids’: A programme developed by the FC Barcelona Foundation aimed at children aged 6 to 12 years. It follows the goal of promoting and strengthening their system of values through the teaching principles of sport, play and inclusive participation.
  • ‘FutbolNet’: A programme that uses football as a tool to promote values among young people through an innovative teaching methodology.
  • Making Dreams Come True’: A programme that tries to make the dreams of children with serious illnesses come true.
  • Eat healthily, shop at the market’: A promotional campaign to encourage healthy eating. It aims at educating young people about fresh products on offer at Barcelona’s markets.

FC Barcelona Foundation focuses on children and youth. Children are one of the most vulnerable and dependent groups of the world’s population. The Foundation is involved in the critical process of their education, using sport as a mean to facilitate their integration and well-being.

At the same time, the FC Barcelona Foundation believes that working with the youth is the best way to anticipate integration and social stability of new generations.


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