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Glentoran FC

Glentoran Social Partnership is the official sporting charity for Glentoran FC. Its primary focus is to use the power of football to tackle social issues prevalent in the community such as; employability, poverty, education, mental health, and social inclusion. Within the EFDN network, they hope to learn from other clubs the best methods to become more sustainable.

Glentoran FC celebrates this year its 140th anniversary (founded in 1882) and is considered as one of the big clubs in Northern Ireland with 23 champions trophies and an equal amount of national cups. Glentoran currently plays in the NIFL Premiership.

The foundation is involved in many CSR activities some of which you can read below:

140 Years of service to the community

Legendary Glentoran FC will celebrate its 140th birthday with an anniversary match and the opening of a club that will support the local community.

The Northern Ireland Premier league leaders played against Carrick Rangers FC on October 7, exactly 140 years since the club was founded.

And to celebrate this special birthday club owner Ali Shams Pour announced the launch of the ‘The 140 Club’, a body set up to assist those in need within the local community during this time of financial hardship and cost-of-living crisis.

The 140 Club aims to raise and contribute £50,000 which will allow hundreds of families across Belfast to gain access to food packages, adequate clothing and gifts for children in the run up to Christmas.

The 140 Club will serve as a social partnership between Glentoran FC local community groups and charitable organisations to assist those in need across the city.

To read the full article about the initiative click here!

Living Together Through Football

Living Together Through Football is a unique collaboration between Glentoran Social Partnership and SARI (Sport Against Racism Ireland) with an aim to provide sporting and cultural programs, projects, and events that bring together people from different traditions, ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds.

Youth in Action

In partnership with the Rio Ferdinand Foundation, the Youth In Action program uses football to empower young people to have a hand in shaping their community. This program includes a 4 week of accredited Youth Leadership course, followed by 4 weeks of additional modules of their choosing to support a group community project.

Glentoran & the world around us

Glentoran and the World Around Us is an education program for primary school children in support of their World War II history lessons with a focus on the Belfast Blitz. The Oval holds a unique piece of history on its football ground – a Type 24 Pillbox that survived the air raid by the German Luftwaffe. 

This three-part project starts in the classroom, followed by a visit to The Oval Pill box, finishing with a visit to the NI War Memorial Museum. This program is in partnership with Victoria Primary School, Eastside Learning and the NI War Memorial Museum.

Stay Onside

Stay Onside has been created in partnership with the IFA Foundation and provides a pathway for positive change, using football for personal development. The program has six different modules that explore football topics followed by a matchday experience and stadium tour.


The Reconnect! program provides a space for people with disabilities to take part in fitness and social activities. The aim of the program is to create a positive environment for people with disabilities and their carers to exercise and socialize, slowly integrating those that have been sheltering back into regular life routines while helping to relieve some of the anxiety that has developed post-Covid.

Meals on wheels @ The Oval

A community food program run by Glentoran volunteers year-round focused on feeding those most in need around East Belfast. Glentoran FC is located in one of the areas of greatest social deprivation in Northern Ireland.

Volunteers at Glentoran support those in need with food hampers, fuel vouchers, and hot meals through partnerships with local food providers and distribution centers.


Glentoran & The world around us

Glentoran and the World Around Us is an education program for primary school children in support of their ...

Glentoran Social Partnership: Meals on wheels @ the Oval

A community food program run by Glentoran volunteers year-round, focused on feeding those most in need around East ...