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Randers FC

Randers FC is a Danish professional football club, established in 2003 as a parent club to six local football clubs in Randers, the sixth largest city in Denmark. The club is playing in the Danish top-flight Superliga and has its home ground at the BioNutria Park Randers.

Next to considerable sportive accomplishments, as winning the Danish Cup in 2006, Randers FC has already years of successful experience in the delivery of Community and Social Responsibility programmes, schemes and initiatives covering all ages and all ethnic groups.
Due to this experience and dedication, Randers FC is at the forefront of Danish football clubs in terms of social and welfare responsibility. Among others, the cooperation with the local authorities through the Partnership Agreement between Randers FC and Randers Municipality contributes to the delivery of the wide range of programmes.
Randers FC is aware that as a football club it is having an important an influential position in the society, which gives the opportunity to positively reach out to the community. For that reason, the club makes it one of their responsibilities to deliver diverse Community and Social Responsibility programmes, addressing different social issues.

CSR programmes delivered by Randers FC


The Jobtour cycling project is an initiative targeted at young people being 20 to 29 years old, who had a traumatic childhood and adolescence and/or have been diagnosed with ADHD, autism or similar. The programme helps the participants to integrate in the labour market and an educational environment. The programme involves a challenging cycling tour from Denmark to France, including the climbing of the legendary Tour de France mountain Alpe d’Huez.

Healthy Jobtour

The Healthy Jobtour is a programme for unemployed adults being 30 years and older with obesity. Within the programme the participants receive support from Randers FC’s professionals regarding healthy diets, physical activity and job search with the goal of returning to the labour market.

Summer Camps

Randers FC is co-organiser of  a Summer Camp which is attended by approximately 1,400 adults and children from low-income families across the country. The event takes place at the training facilities of Randers FC.

Spare time Job

The Spare time Job programme targets 14 to 17 year-olds coming from the most socially affected area in Randers, Nordbyen. Through the club’s sponsorship network, the Randers FC Job Academy provides spare time jobs to these young people to break the negative social heritage.


Minitrainee is a CSR programme for 8 to 12 year-old, who are traumatised due to illness and/or death in the immediate family. Within the programme the Minitrainees carry out small practical task before, during and after the training of the clubs squad. After the training, they are escorted home by a player or a person from Randers FC.

Stop Waste of Tickets

Stop Waste of Tickets is an initiative that ensures that a certain amount of tickets, and those not being distributed, go to families with lower income.

Football for All – Randers FC Foundation

The Randers Foundation, founded in 2017, financially supports low income families to cover expenses for a youth membership for a local football club, including equipment.


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