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K. Beerschot VA

At Beerschot they try to use football as a device to create as much social impact as possible. The club does this through cooperation, promotion of health and wellbeing, inclusion, education, employment and environment. The club tries to use a wide range of variety of theme’s per project in order to tap in into the most common societal problems. Furthermore, they try to combine their strengths as a club (facilities, brand, support, knowledge) with the strengths of other projects and stakeholders.

Beerschot engages in multiple CSR programmes and activities, some of which you can see below.


In January 2019, Beerschot founded a Homeless Team. All adults who are struggling in one way or another are welcome, not just the homeless. The team was therefore given the name Younited Beerschot. The players receive free training every week in the indoor football center Garrincha in Hoboken. Beerschot Younited regularly participates in tournaments. This project runs in collaboration with the city of Antwerp, the Pro League and Younited Belgium.


Beerschot literally opens its stadium. Various neighborhood groups and neighborhood activities of the Kiel have already been programmed to happen at their stadium. The district and the city of Antwerp are also increasingly using the Olympic Stadium for events and promotions.