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Olympic Stadium Asim Ferhatovic-Hase

Maršala Tita 38b

71000 Sarajevo



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FK Sarajevo

Fudbalski klub Sarajevo (English: Sarajevo Football Club) is a Bosnian professional football club based in Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina and is one of the most successful clubs in the country. Founded on 24 October 1946, FK Sarajevo was the most successful club from SR Bosnia in former SFR Yugoslavia, winning two Yugoslav First League titles, being runners-up on two other occasions and finishing 6th in that competition’s all-time table. FK Sarajevo was the only major football club founded by the post-war Yugoslav authorities in the city of Sarajevo. The club entered the Yugoslav First League in the 1948–49 season, and eventually competed in all but two seasons in the top tier.

Today, FK Sarajevo is one of the most prominent members of the Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where it has won three Bosnian championships, five Bosnian Cups and one Bosnian Supercup. It is ranked first in the Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina all-time table. FK Sarajevo is one of the two most popular football clubs in the country, alongside FK Željezničar, with whom it shares a strong rivalry that manifests itself in the Sarajevo derby.

Since December 2013, FK Sarajevo is owned by Malaysian businessman, investor and Chairman of Berjaya Group, Vincent Tan.





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