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RKC Waalwijk

Contributing to a socially strong society is not a choice RKC Waalwijk makes but is embedded in the club culture. The club is aware that the status of a professional football organisation entails social responsibilities. The club is proud to be in a position to have a positive influence on the wellbeing of society. RKC Waalwijk is active in the community through numerous programmes and initiatives of its foundation ‘Samen RKC’.

A close connection to ‘De Langstraat’ region is one of RKC Waalwijk’s core values. The other four core values of the club are development, creativity, ambition and professionalism. These values are the main pillars for all activities.

The themes of ‘Samen RKC’ are:

  • Health & Exercise
  • Education & Talent Development
  • Respect & Living Together

The club’s social relevance is greater than ever. The world is becoming more individualistic; obesity, loneliness and motoric deficits in children’s development are increasing. RKC Waalwijk also sees that poverty and (gender) discrimination are still issues.

Samen RKC wants to initiate change through sport and exercise. Sport is a universal language, regardless of your background, culture or disability. Sport connects, promotes life skills and gives a feeling of pride! RKC wants to offer all inhabitants of the De Langstraat region a space to get and stay active. They do this in partnership with local governments, civil society organisations, sports clubs and the business community.