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Standard de Liège

Our mission

Standard has been present at the social level for the past 10 years. Standard, as a major club in Belgium, has a social role to play in the community. It’s important for our club to support people in the community no matter their origin, their situation or their disability. Standard strives to make a positive contribution to the community on a social level. Standard works in close collaboration with Standard de Liège Foundation which exists since 2018.

Our goal is to be of added value to our community. Our club has to be accessible to everyone!

Social Issues addressed through community programmes:

  1. Education
  2. Social Cohesion
  3. Employability
  4. Inclusiom of disabled person

Main CSR activities of Standard de Liège:

  • Combined football and curricular/ educational activities
  • Homeless team: Once a week, our homeless team is training in our academy. Standard supplies the infrastructure and the equipment and support them during their championship (for example during the Belgian Homeless Cup).
  • Remedial education: Twice a week, the press local is open for the children for additional lessons with volunteer teachers.
  • Blind football teams: We have two teams (poorly sighted and blind) which are training once or twice a week in our academy. We supply the infrastructure and equipment and support them during their championship.
  • Hospitals: We supply, in collaboration with one of our sponsors, 2 electrics cars for the burns service. Players and staff visit the pediatric service during Christmas to bring some support and gifts to the children.
  • Special events: A day dedicated to our extraordinary persons (person with a disability) and a job day organised to bring together companies and candidates.

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