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Easter Road Stadium

12 Albion Place

Edinburgh, EH7 5QG


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Hibernian FC

Hibernian FC is a Scottish professional football club based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Founded in 1875, the club now plays in the Scottish Premiership. Hibernian FC’s home ground is the Easter Road Stadium.

Community and Social Responsibility

Created in 2008, Hibernian Community Foundation is the charitable arm of Hibernian Football Club using the power of sport to improve peoples’ lives. Hibernian Football Hibernian_FC_logo_svg-3Club has a long and proud tradition of working to support local communities. The creation of the Hibernian Community Foundation as an independent charity in 2008 signalled a clear commitment to step up the efforts to have a wider scope and greater impact. Since its foundation, the Hibernian Community Foundation has brought opportunities and enjoyment to many people.  The Foundation has contributed to ground breaking work in disability football, support for people moving into employment, educational tours for local schools and various activities to improve health and fitness of male and female members of the Hibernian family.

Key to Hibernian Community Foundation’s approach it partnership with fans, volunteers, Hibernian Football Club and a wide range of organisations who share their hopes and aspirations. The foundation knows that by working together they can achieve much more – creating positive impact in their community and bringing a sense of achievement and enjoyment for all who are involved.

The Hibernian Community Foundation’s mission is: ‘To use the power of sport, and in particular football, to motivate, inspire and educate people in our communities to profoundly change their lives for the better.’

Programmes of Hibernian Community Foundation


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