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Malmö FF

Malmö FF was founded in 1910 in Malmö, Sweden and social responsibility is part of the club’s DNA, which can be found in the vision, mission, code of conduct and in the annual targets of the club. The club has a CSR department called “MFF in the community”.

Malmö FF has been the forerunner of Swedish football in many aspects. We were the first Swedish club to introduce youth teams, a part of the club that has grown from its humble beginnings to today’s full-fledged youth academy that regularly produces top players and is the highest ranked youth academy in Sweden. Community engagement is the keyword for the extensive activities MFF conducts with a focus on children and young people. We want to spread positive values ​​in line with the values ​​of MFF and sports, counteract violence and racism, increase integration between different groups in society and reduce the use of drugs.

Our 17 schools combining football training with academic education is the only existing programme of this kind and size In Sweden. Through our community programmes, we have created a strong football network in our region. It is a joint effort with 50 other local and regional clubs to exchange knowledge to benefit the development of youth and local football in our region. We cooperate with the bachelor programme in sports science at Malmö University to extend our knowledge and show which effects football can have on its community.


Our mission is to raise strong individuals and to create a long-term winning team on and off the pitch. We strive to be the leading club in Scandinavia and a representative in Europe. We want to be a football club of importance for more people and a brand for the whole of Sweden. We do this by striving for sporting (international) achievements, being a role model leading the development and by being an active part of social inclusion and development in our community.


• Ambition – With ambition and courage we reach success
• Joy – With positive attitude and entertainment we create joy
• Fair Play – we follow the rules on and off the pitch
• The club above all – The club above the team, and the team above the individual.

Programmes (Throughout the Year)

  • Football academies
  • Career Academy
  • Football Network
  • Show Racism the red card
  • Food waste programme
  • Autism awareness campaign

Programmes (Yearly)

  • Regional football cup
  • Summer football
  • Breakfast programme



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