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Widzew Lodz

Founded in 1910, Widzew Łódź is one of the most important clubs in Poland. Four times Polish champion, the club’s success started in the 70s, when Ludwik Sobolewski, who covered the role of president from 1978 to 1987, joined the club. During his era, which is referred to as “The first Great Widzew”, the club won two national championship titles, five times was the runner-up, two times ranked third in the Polish Premier League and won the Polish Cup.

On an international level, Widzew Łódź achieved one of the greatest successes in the history of Polish football by reaching the semi-final of the European Champion Clubs’ Cup (now UEFA Champions League) in 1983.

“Widzew can be bent, but it cannot be broken” said Zbigniew Boniek, former Widzew player and current president of the Polish Football Association once. This saying is best demonstrated by the reconstruction of the club that started in mid-2015 when Widzew was on the brink of bankruptcy.

After being saved by its fans, Widzew began its reconstruction starting from the fourth division. With the help of its supporters, who break consecutive national records in the sales of season tickets every regular season, the club is on its way back to the top.

The club, which has always been socially involved in initiatives across the Łódź area, has recently established its amputee football team. Debuting in the 2020 season, the Widzew Łódź AMP Futbol team is competing with five teams for the title of national champion in the league organised by AMP Futbol Polska.

Moreover, the Club carries on the civic project “Od najmłodszych lat Razem Trenujmy Sport” (Let’s train together, let’s train Sport). The social initiative, which was implemented as part of the Tomaszów Mazowiecki community programme, is a project addressed to children and youth from all primary schools in the city.

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