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Puszcza Niepołomice

Janusza Kusocińskiego 2 

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MKS Puszcza Niepołomice

MKS Puszcza Niepołomice is a Polish Ekstraklasa club deeply intertwined with the local community and the Niepołomice Forest, which is the region’s greatest treasure.


Establishing connections amongst generations within the local community is the club’s primary goal. In order to achieve this Puszcza Niepołomice strives to do so by uniting people, fostering bonds, and promoting values such as respect, honesty, responsibility and protection of the natural environment.

CSR Programmes

“The Niepołomice Sports Hour for Preschoolers” is a unique project that the club has been running for several years now. Coaches from the Puszcza Niepołomice Academy visit regional preschools to conduct physical activities for children. The project involves 8 regional preschools, allowing the club to reach nearly 300 preschoolers throughout the region. The aim of the project is to promote healthy habits and encourage sports among the youngest children in the local community.

Another great project of Puszcza Niepołomice, The “We care about the Forest” project is a new initiative in which the club, in collaboration with the Niepołomice Forest District, organizes campaigns aimed at protecting the natural environment of the Niepołomice Forest. The club’s name itself – “Puszcza”, translates to “Forest” in English, which truly reflects our objective. The project, involving the club, players, academy, and local community, also includes regular tree planting and forest cleaning initiatives.