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KAS Eupen


KAS Eupen is a football club of Aspire Zone Foundation which wants to promote and develop Qatari/Aspire Academy football talents as well as regional, national and international talents with social & educational responsibility in a professional football environment.

Together with FC Eupen, KAS Eupen represents one of the biggest national youth departments with about 650 young football players. FC Eupen and KAS Eupen are jointly responsible for the education of children and young people from Eupen and the region, aiming to offer them the opportunity to find their way in leisure and amateur sport and/or in competitive football with a focus on both enjoyment and performance. Laughter, learning and performance can be seen as the clubs’ main principles in the interaction between coaches, players, parents and employees. The training follows a holistic approach, supporting athletic, personal, and school development.


KAS Eupen creates ideal sporting, social and infrastructural conditions for regional national and international football talents and they bear a social responsibility for the sporting, personal and educational development of all the youth it works with, including disabled, homeless and other traditionally excluded or at-risk groups.

KAS Eupen sees itself as an ambassador for the region and works in a network with its fans, the regional, national and international clubs, federations, the German-speaking community of East Belgium, the city of Eupen and neighbouring municipalities. The club also forms networks with schools, regional companies, and educational institutions, cultural and health-promoting institutions serving an education characterised by openness and independence under the idea of fair play as well as a high degree of commitment.


Cooperation with local stakeholders

As Eupen is a small city, the club tries to connect and collaborate with the local grassroots-clubs, schools and social organisations for the education of young people. KAS Eupen supports not only football clubs but also schools and other sports organisations in the region. The club participates for example in the charity swim marathon of the German community. The goalkeeper of KAS Eupen, Hendrik Van Crombrugge, was one of the ambassadors at the last event.

One of the main partners of KAS Eupen is ZFP Eupen. The main goal of the partnership is social inclusion by offering in-company training for young people with a learning disability or the possibility of an exchange with a local boarding school.

Aspire Football Dreams

The Aspire Zone Foundation manages KAS Eupen. Aspire Zone Foundation and Aspire Academy aim to be the reference in Sports Excellence worldwide by 2020. Aspire Academy develops the finest Qatari talents as Champions in Sports and Champions in Life.

In 2005 the Foundation started the initiative “Aspire Football Dreams”. The project aims at empowering the youth of the world by identifying football talents. After a systematic selection process, each year 18-20 players get a scholarship. Being part of the “Aspire Football Dreams” programme offers the selected boys a holistic educational programme at a private school as well as a comprehensive football programme under the guidance of experienced international staff. Even though the fact that the project “Aspire Foorball Dreams” is ending, KAS Eupen will continue to act as a club for international talents.

Qatar won the last Asian Cup with seven former KAS Eupen players: Akram Afif, Abdulkarim Hassan, Assim Madibo, Salem Al Hajri, Bassam Al Rawi, Mohammed Al Bakri and Youssef Hassan.

Supporting the Pro League

KAS Eupen actively supports the CSR-initiatives of EFDN-partner Pro League. For example, the club collected donations for the Belgian Homeless Cup.

‘SAVE it’ and Fair Play

The EU project ‘SAVE it’ is an international initiative supported by the EU to promote and consolidate important values in sport.  Representing Belgium, AS Eupen is one of seven participants in the project. In addition to KAS Eupen, the ‘SAVE it’ partners comprise Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), Rugby Colorno (Italy), Fundacion Altum (Spain), Panther Force Gaia (Portugal), FARE Network (UK) and an international media partner.

KAS Eupen is one of the central partners of ‘SAVE it’ and has recently started the practical implementation of the project with the training of trainers on site. ‘SAVE it’ offer trainer workshops with an e-learning share of 70% for trainers, parents and club managers who are interested in a certificate “Values in Sport – Trainer”.

The joint youth division of KAS and FC Eupen conducted an original fair play campaign at all championship matches from the U7 to the U13 on the second and fourth weekends of April (2019). The clubs, their coaches and the young people want to promote the idea of Fair Play in this campaign and also make it clear to their parents that Fair Play should take precedence over everything else and that football is their hobby and should be fun for everyone.