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University College Dublin Association Football Club, known commonly as UCD, is the football team of University College Dublin. They play in the League of Ireland. Founded in 1895, the club was elected to the League of Ireland in 1979 under the management of Dr. Tony O’Neill. Since the 2008 season they have played at the UCD Bowl, also home to the college’s rugby team. ‘The Students’ play in sky blue and navy. Their reserve and freshers teams play in the Leinster Senior League.

CSR programmes

UCD AFC carries out football camps for kids aged 4-14yrs. The club runs these camps twelve weeks of the year. Over 1000 kids yearly participate in the camps.

DLR county council drafts a programme. UCD AFC engages with DLR to carry out a six weeks programme in various schools in the local area. They have been running this programme for the last twelve years. They also help in the running of Easter and Summer camps on a yearly basis.