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Wolverhampton Wanderers

 Wolverhampton Wanderers Foundation is the official charity of Wolves. Its aim is to educate and inspire local people and communities, creating opportunities and changing lives. The charity encourages healthier and more active people, lifelong learning and skills, and the development of safe, strong, and active communities.

Wolverhampton Wanderers Foundation illustrates the vital role our football club has in the local community. Wolves is not just about football, the club has a big role in the community. What the Foundation offer is a unique opportunity to children, young people and adults within our local area and they have never provided a more diverse range of community activities within the city and beyond.

Wolverhampton Wanderers Foundation has at its centre 5 core values:

  • Progressive | ambitious, creative, innovative
    Determined | ownership, decisiveness, consistent
    Unity | connected, family, togetherness
    Humble | considered, considerate, respectful
    Bright | inspiring, engaging, intelligent

Encouraging people to improve their lives,  both mentally and physically, has been the cornerstone of the charity’s existence since its formation as Wolves in the Community in 1991, becoming registered as Wolves Community Trust in 2008, and then a change of name to Wolves Foundation in 2018. The charity has continued to develop to its current status in delivering 213,792 contact hours during the 2018/19 football season, engaging with almost 22,000 participants including over 100 schools.

Their projects target areas of importance including health and wellbeing, eductions and skills and sports participation, all supported by player visits, allowing male and female players to step into the local community and get closer to the supporters they represent.

The Foundation organises its work in 4 main areas:

  • Sports participation
  • Inclusion & cohesion
  • Education & skills
  • Health & wellbeing

Among their most successful programmes we can find:

  • +50 Walking Football
  • Premier League Kicks
  • Molineux Primary
  • X-Pert diabites Education