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SK Slavia Praha

With more than a million proud fans, the football club SK Slavia Prague is one of the most popular and oldest sports clubs in the country. Its foundation dates back to 1892. During that time, Slavia has won 21 league titles and regularly participates in European competitions.

Slavia is fully aware that professional sports and football are one of the sectors with the greatest social impact on its surroundings. The club continues to be a responsible club that is not indifferent to its surroundings and the community in which it lives and cares about its impact on the environment. It also wants to be a responsible employer and business partner.

At the beginning of the year 2023, CSR policy „beyond the pitch“ has been introduced, which will lead to an even deeper and well-structured Social policy that will build on the rich history of Slavia’s great caritative and social work in the past.

Three Main areas of focus are:

Social area: with a focus on philanthropy, sustained dialogue and listening to stakeholders, quality employment policies, employee health and safety and combating racism

Environmental: focus on protecting natural resources, reducing negative impacts on the natural environment, green corporate culture and investment in clean technologies

Economic: focusing on continuous dialogue with shareholders, transparency, quality of service, rejection of corruption and code of ethics.

Find here some of Slavia’s initiatives:

Donor and Slavia Prague Collaboration

The donor is an organisation which provides support and psychosocial assistance to patients after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and/or serious acute and chronic diseases, their families and medical staff.

University Hospital Motol has been cooperating with the players of Slavia and the club itself for twenty years, the first football players came to patients around 2003. The cooperation then developed further and in 2011 was founded the DONOR Association, which will be formalized not only for the interaction with Slavia and other partners but also with the patients themselves. Throughout this time Slavia has been cooperating with donors in many different ways from players and club representatives visiting patients regularly, financial aid to the association, special events in support such as stuffed animals fundraiser for donors and proudly wearing the logo of the Donor association on the back of our Jersey.

SK Slavia Praha Foundation

In March of 2023 Football club SK Slavia Prague started together with the organisation of the fans Union of Friends of Slavia “ Slavia Foundation. Friends of Slavia is the biggest fan organisation in the Czech Republic and with its help through 156 branches across the country and with more than 5,000 red and white volunteers, Slavia has the power to provide positive help wherever it is needed across the country. The foundation has four main pillars – the first is to help healthcare facilities and patients with various health issues, with an emphasis on cancer. This is a matter that affects many people today and every day and touches every one of us. The second is the emphasis on education and sports for young people. Slavia is a sports club with football as its mainstay, and we must therefore not neglect the education of young talent and the importance of sports for their well-being. The third pillar is the protection of the environment, which is a crucial point concerning our future. The last part that we must not forget is natural disasters and emergencies that may occur. We will help wherever there is an actual need.

Stellar Wishes

Using the power of football and Slavia to make wishes come through for the less fortunate in life. As a project, the main goal is to provide joy for the people who have to deal with unexpected complications in life and share their stories with the wide network of Slavia fans and partners. The idea is to through our effort their story will get heard and will inspire others to help out.

Other Recent Activities: 

  • Jersey auction and accommodation for refugees from Ukraine
  • Support for the Firefighters who helped in the consequences of the earthquake in Turkey
  • Cooperation with Fuck Cancer organisation to raise awareness and help combat cancer
  • Annual youth tournament for foster care homes
  • Cooperation with “leontinka foundation” providing help to children with visual impairments
  • „Let’s clean up the Czech Republic“ event with participation of Slavia staff and youth academy

SK Slavia Praha Foundation Programmes

In March of 2023 Football club SK Slavia Prague started together with the organisation of the fans Union of ...