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Cercle Brugge

Cercle Brugge is a Belgian club with a very strong local anchoring and a big interest in sustainability. Their future initiatives are primarily focused on these topics because that’s how they will have the biggest impact on their local community.

At Cercle Brugge, as a family club, they place a strong focus on engaging two of their target groups: young families and young people. Engaging these target groups within the community work is of the most important for the future of their association. Starting from their local roots and by engaging these two target groups, the club wants to excel in executing actions, projects, and partnerships around two main pillars: sustainability and social integration.

Everyone is welcome in this Cercle family, regardless of their origin, beliefs, social background, appearance, gender, sexual orientation, or health. Through its community work, Cercle Brugge wants to offer these people the opportunity to develop and rise above themselves. In this way, they want to give minority groups the opportunity to achieve their goals and inspire them to become the best version of themselves.

The community activities of Cercle Brugge consist of making a contribution to the social needs and requirements of a sustainable society. The club strives to positively influence society in the broadest sense of the word. Moreover, the Cercle Brugge community wants to contribute to an image improvement of the football environment.

In terms of sustainability, the ambition is to become a pioneer in Belgian football. Cercle, therefore, wants to show that not only the club colors are green, but also their behavior. A big aspect of the Cercle Brugge community is the focus on the environment and climate change. This subject is becoming more and more important in CSR. Cercle Brugge aspires to become an example in this field and to continue behaving green throughout their organization and also propagate it in their community work. The Belgian side wants to show this green idea with initiatives around sustainability, which have a positive effect on the climate and the environment, with the measurable goal of reducing the club’s ecological footprint. With this, they will not only help the climate but also ensure the future of the coming generations of Cercle supporters. The club hopes that in the future they can guide other teams on the green path, they are walking.

Discover here some of Cercle’s CSR Activities:

Me To You:
Me To You is a foundation that supports research into leukemia but is also in direct contact with patients and families of patients to start treatment. With Miguel Van Damme’s story in mind (Cercle’s ex-goalkeeper, who sadly passed away of this disease), Me To You is a logical community partner

The intention is to involve supporters of Cercle Brugge to financially support research into Leukemia. It should also serve to inform people.

Every year Cercle tries to do this by dedicating a matchday in the month of September (Blood Cancer Awareness Month) to Me To You. During this matchday, they raise awareness for Leukemia by turning their stadium into the sign of Me To You and playing with the logo of Me To you on our shirts.
These shirts were auctioned after these games and were sold for between € 6.000 and €13.000.

Furthermore, Cercle organised a family day for Me To You. During this event, the spectators could enjoy live music, freestyle football, street food, a raffle, and finally a real auction. All of this resulted in an extra donation to Me To You.

Ter Dreve
‘Ter Dreve’ is a school in Bruges for children who require special education. In collaboration with Cercle Brugge, we try to help by making the integration of these young people and adults with mental disabilities in society easier.


Ebolowa (Cameroon) is a sister city of the city of Bruges and for this occasion, Cercle Brugge in collaboration with Club Brugge (EFDN-member) and the city of Bruges, has been setting up social projects for the benefit of football in Ebolowa during 4 years. This year the focus is on promoting girls’ football.


Cercle Brugge – Me to You

Me To You is a foundation that supports research into leukemia but is also in direct contact with ...