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VVV-Venlo is an attractive, tradition-rich and sporting leading professional football organisation in North Limburg. They believe in the power of sport and the club and want to use the opportunities that VVV offers for socially relevant purposes. “Sport has the power to change the world” [Nelson Mandela] and VVV has the power to be of significant influence in North and Central Limburg.

The VVV Foundation:

  • Stands for community (in the broadest sense of the word) at the local, urban and regional level (including cross-border activities);
  • Is the connection between the professional football club VVV-Venlo and society;
  • Key points and priorities of the VVV Foundation are: a healthy lifestyle, participation and talent development in the broadest sense of the word.


By using the power of VVV-Venlo, the Foundation wants to contribute to a society in which everyone can participate, develop their talents and live life in a healthy way. They try to promote social change in individuals, groups and communities (neighbourhoods, streets, villages) that can use extra help in the areas of health, talent development, integration and social cohesion.



Young people in the third and fourth grade in secondary education work on their future with SportMpower. They participate in workshops and sports for twelve weeks. Themes such as social media, addiction, communication and peer pressure are discussed in an interactive way. During the programme, the participants not only work on their fitness but also on self-confidence, perseverance and social skills. Thanks to SportMpower, participants take visible steps in their personal development.


Within VVV Transferkracht candidates are prepared for the labour market. Participants get involved in a tailor-made training programme in Covebo Stadium – De Koel -. In addition, they are given the opportunity to gain work experience within VVV-Venlo or with business partners of the club. The ambition is to permanently mediate 66 candidates (six teams) every year.