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Reintergration - Social Inclusion

FC Utrecht – U4U

FC Utrecht is convinced that as a club in the heart of the Netherlands, they can contribute to a more vital city of Utrecht, as the club is positioned in the heart of the society. They are sincerely involved with people’s well-being and make connections in and between neighbourhoods, cities, and regions. They do this by inspiring and encouraging Utrechters, the residents from Utrecht, to get them moving.

U4U Participant – ©FC Utrecht

They believe that by making optimum use of their qualities they can make a difference. As FC Utrecht, the club wants to inspire, motivate and connect people and organisations in the surrounding area. They do this by being active and taking the lead, using their knowledge and experience in the field of football and health.

U4U is a unique platform where FC Utrecht offers reintegration programmes in a professional, equal, and accessible way for people with a bridgeable distance to the labor market. The FC Utrecht Maatschappelijk Foundation offers U4U participants a new perspective by helping them to make a personal transfer to a healthy (financial, working) future.

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